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                    All submission must be made by e-mail attachments. Printed copies of any manuscript will not be accepted under any circumstances. Manuscripts must be prepared in PDF FORMAT or in MS WORD.
Most Important:-Page setup: A4 size paper; Margins should be:[In inches] Left and Right-1.25''  ; Top and Bottom- "'.

The preparation of the manuscript should be as follows.

You can use Equation Editors such as Math Type from the following site.

                    All fonts should be in Times New Roman of Font size 12 (except for abstract).

                  (A) Preparing the Manuscript: 
Page 1:- Title of the paper (Font size 16, Bold, Centre); Author's Name (Font size 12, Centre) Affiliation (Font size 12, Centre);  Key Words & Phrases (Font size 12); 2000 MSC Classification Numbers (Font size 12);  Abstract (Italics, Font size 12).Text should be divided into sections 1,2,3,....etc.with headings (Font size 14, Bold) ; Definitions, Theorems, examples etc. should be as DEFINITION 1.1., THEOREM 2.1., EXAMPLE 3.1., etc.(Bold, Font size 12); Proof of a Theorem or a Corollary should start as Proof.. ; Reference numbers should be Bold within unbold square brackets without any superscript or subscript.
All Symbols should be from symbols font only. All superscripts and subscripts should be of Font size 14 but neither be Bold nor Italic.

(B) They have to provide 2000 MSC(Mathematics Subject Classification) numbers;  MSC  Subject  Classification  can  be  obtained from  "".
(C) They must also provide some keywords & phrases regarding thier paper;  (D) Abstract i.e. The summary of the paper in Italics unbold Times New Roman, font size 12.
(E) All REFERENCES should be as follows at the end of manuscripts.

                    [1]. N. Levine,  Generalized closed sets in topology,  Rend. Circ. Mat. Palermo,  19(2)(1970), 89-96.
                    [2]. H. Rund,  The Differential Geometry of Finsler Spaces,  Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1973.
Acknowlegement, if any, should be just before the REFERENCES.
(F) Authors e-mail addresses must be included.;  (G) Line Spacing: If you are using MsWord, then click Format+Paragraph+Line Spacing and then select single.
(H) Most Important: Use Math Type as follows
Click on size on the Menu bar, then click on Define. Choose as follows in the “Define Sizes Dialogue box”.
Full =12 pt      Subscript/Superscript=10pt       Sub-Subscript/Sub-Superscript=9pt       Symbol=150%        Subsymbol=100%
(I) Please see that a long equation, a figure or a table should not exceed the margins of A4 paper. For this you can split the long equation into two or more lines..
(J)MS WORD on A4 size paper (Page setup: Margins should be: Left and Right-1.25''  ; Top and Bottom- 1'')

Note: Any change of addresses or e-mail address of any author should be immediately informed to the Editor-in-Chief.
                 No manuscript will be returned. Hence authors are requested to retain a hard copy and a soft copy with them.
Submission of a paper implies that it is original and it will not be submitted elsewhere untill the rejection from this journal.
All judicial matters are subject to GUNTUR jurisdiction only.
  How to secure your research paper?:- In MsWord: You can set your own passwords "password to open" and "password to modify".
  For this Click: Tools+Optins+Save . Then you will get passwords option.
  Once you setup your passwords,  you must observe that Number  Lock  Off,  Caps Lock  Off.  It  may be difficult  if you  forget your passwords.

Note: If you submit your paper with  password protected, then  please  don't  forget  to  provide your password to the Editor-in-Chief.

About:M.K.R.S. VEERA KUMAR, Editor-In-Chief, published morethan 50 research papers independently without a research guide.
If you have any doubts you can call him : 091+9849569109(India, Andhra Pradesh)

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